I’m becoming a doctor

Light feeling in my head, not only butterflies but the whole zoo in my stomach and a body full of adrenaline.

That is more or less how I felt this morning when I went on the internet and found out I passed the entry exam for medicine. I’m not writing this post to brag about it, so I won’t make it long, but I’ve been working so hard for this for so long already and I just can’t describe the happiness that’s flowing through my body right now.

I wanted to share my happiness with you guys and say that you must never give up on a dream. I didn’t pass the exam last year, but I wanted it so bad and worked for it, every single day and now I finally got the result!

Chase after your dreams and don’t let them run away from you that easily, because one day, you will catch up with them and I promise, it’ll be one of the best days of your life and all the efforts will be more than worth it.

Love, Beth



Hello my dears, I know I haven’t posted much these last days, certainly not for the newbie blogger I am. I do apoligize, but I really do have to study and take all the time I have left to capture all those words inside my brain!

I will post more frequently when my exams are done. Of course this doesn’t mean that I won’t post anything these days, but just less.

I’m sorry you guys!

Love, Beth