Coffee break



Don’t mind me, I’m just taking a bath.


Goodnight Quote



Imagine a perfect world, without even a single flaw. Boring, right? The imperfection of things is what makes life beautiful, we can’t live without them. Another quote I heard someone say is ‘I saw that you were perfect, and I loved you. Then I saw you weren’t perfect at all, and I loved you even more’. Our flaws and mistakes make us human, they make us unique. Because how can one enjoy a happy feeling, if he never felt unhappy?

Don’t try to be perfect, because you can’t. Be yourself and it’ll be the closest to perfection you will ever be.

Love, Beth

Robin Williams

I couldn’t believe the news when I woke up this morning. ‘Robin Williams died at the age of 63’. At first I thought it was another joke or something, you know these things happen sometimes when some smartass sends the information into the world, just to scare or shock people. I looked further and the news got confirmed, he really is gone.

This man made me laugh so many times, he gave so many people a warm, happy feeling. When you read the news, it appears he wasn’t happy at all, he struggled with himself and with life and that makes me sad.

I wanted to pay my respect here, the man was loved by an uncountable amount of people and he will be missed. So goodbye mister Robin Williams, I truly hope you found your peace.


Happy socks


Yes, that was the first thought when I saw my nephew wearing those brightly colored, striking socks. ‘They’re happy socks!’, he said to us and the rest of the family and actually it looked quite funny (in the positive way) when I further observed them.

A few days later, my mom came home and guess what she had brought with her? Yes, you guessed right (well I assumed you did because the answer is rather obvious), happy socks! I tried them on that same day and they actually did make me happy.


When you think of it, it’s rather strange how wearing socks can make you happy. According to me, it’s more of a lifestyle. It’s how about little things in life can brighten up your day, whether you’re wearing those colorful happy socks or you’re seeing dogs chase after cats in the streets or maybe just a sweet word from you’re boyfriend (or girlfriend, don’t want to discriminate the guys here), those things can make you feel good, they can make you happy. Well at least they can make me happy 🙂

So yes, I love wearing those ugly, but yet beautiful happy socks. They make me smile and make me happy, even if it’s for a little while (of course they don’t make you smile like an idiot for a whole day long, that wouldn’t be nice, you would get a cramp in your face).

Actually what I wanted to say to you guys is: enjoy the small things in life, welcome them with your arms wide open and let yourself feel the joy they bring to you.

I’m happy I didn’t stop blogging, it’s one of the things that make me happy.

Love you guys,


It’s been so long since I posted anything and I can’t tell y’all how disappointed I am in myself. I really liked this whole blogging-thing and had some ideas to start with, but when the inspiration kinda let me down, I didn’t actually try to bring it back.

So yes, I really did quit blogging, I thought that after all, it wasn’t really my thing. But gosh I’m such a weakling! I really want to give this a shot, so if you guys give me another chance, it just might work 😉

My friend Aline (she’s actually my boyfriend’s sister, but we really get along) started this beauty and lifestyle blog. I really like to read it and it did convince me to hold on and don’t give up so easily. You guys should definitely go check her out:
I still have to study on the other hand, but everyone needs a break now and then so that shouldn’t really be a problem 🙂

For now, I’ll study along and this evening I will start posting again and let the inspiration take me over for further posts!
Byebye sleepyheads, see you tonight.
Love, Beth


Hello my dears, I know I haven’t posted much these last days, certainly not for the newbie blogger I am. I do apoligize, but I really do have to study and take all the time I have left to capture all those words inside my brain!

I will post more frequently when my exams are done. Of course this doesn’t mean that I won’t post anything these days, but just less.

I’m sorry you guys!

Love, Beth

Confessions of a 19-year old

I’m walking through the city, just doing some daydreaming and thinking about the amazing holidays that lay ahead of me, when all of the sudden, I see them. 

Oh aren’t they just lovely, they’re screaming my name, I hear them whispering inside my head ‘come and look at us, see our beauty, our elegance. Wouldn’t we look marvellous with that new dress you just bought?’. Yes my dears, I’m talking about shoes. But oh, which woman can resist them? Okay I admit, I’m worse than most women, but I can’t help it and I did try, I really did. But they’re just the perfect cure for sadness or the perfect reward when you did something you can be very proud of. And yes, they even smell good when you just bought them.

Since we’re talking about confessions here, I shall confess. I’m a nineteen year old girl and I have inbetween 40 and 45 pairs of shoes in my closet. It’s driving my boyfriend crazy, but yeah, who blames him? ‘But those 40 pair are for winter and summer!’ I tell him, but then again, that’s only something I say to myself to make me feel better.

Okay, I have a bad habit, which I’m not that proud of, but I’m not ashamed of it either, because who hasn’t some secret addictions? Of course, that’s not the only thing I can’t live without, I have quite a few addictions actually.

For example, my piano. I’ve been going to piano lessons every week since I was 8. This year I stopped, I’ve got my diploma and just haven’t had the time anymore since I’m going to college. But I still play it often and now I can choose my own music, I really do love it. One of my favourites that I learned myself this year is ‘River flows in you’ from Yiruma (, it really is so beautiful.

The fun part about playing the piano is that you can translate all your emotions – happy ones, but also the sad and angry ones – in your playing. Now I’m also busy with learning to play more modern pieces, like the piano version of Bastille’s ‘Bad Blood’ (


One of my favourite breaks when I’m studying, is going for a run or going to the gym. I’ve been sporting my whole life, I’m mad at my lazy self when I have done nothing for a whole week. But sometimes, especially now during the exams, there just isn’t the time or the weather is too hot for jogging. 

Actually, I have started to go to the gym recently, because I’ve been playing hockey since I was little. Unfortunately, I also had to stop playing when I went to college, but oh how I miss it.. In a few years I will start playing again, I realized I just can’t live without it. Image

Yes, the one with the blue-orange hockeystick is me.

I must seem quite the sporter now, but don’t drag it too far there. I love sport and I can’t live without, but I can enjoy being lazy and eating chocolate while watching one of my favourite series just as well!


(Omg, chocolate + Oreo cookies, a combination made in heaven).

So my dear sleepyheads, I’ve told you mine, now tell me yours! Don’t be ashamed of yourself, just be proud of your sweet can’t-live-without’s, I’m curious already!

Love, Beth