A little something about me

Well hello there, let me introduce myself.

My name is Liesbeth (I know, pretty hard to pronounce if you don’t speak dutch), but feel free to call me Beth.

I’m a nineteen year old girl and live in that pretty, little country named Belgium. I know, all this doesn’t seem so very exciting, so why did I make this blog in the first place? Is my life really that exciting that it is worth following? Well, that’s your decision to make I would say, but at least I can tell you what got me started.

A friend of mine started blogging and of course, I followed her. I had fun reading her stories and thoughts and it made me thinking. I enjoy life and I have some pretty awesomes times with my friends, boyfriend and family. But what’s the point of them if I’d keep them all to myself? Why shouldn’t I share my stories, my thoughts, my point of view about things if I can maybe make someone else smile by reading them?

Of course my life isn’t all just fun and parties, I too have to study and sometimes I have hard and difficult times too, but hey who hasn’t, that’s life I would say.

I would love to share my stories, my life with you guys, so if you’re interested, stick around and stay a little longer, and if you don’t, well no one will blame you.

Lots of love, and I hope I will see you again.


2 thoughts on “A little something about me

    • Wow thank you very much! So sorry for my late response, but I was pretty busy with exams and stuff, but you know that of course 😉 I will surely put an effort to it, thanks for the opportunity! Kisses!! xxx

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