Happy socks


Yes, that was the first thought when I saw my nephew wearing those brightly colored, striking socks. ‘They’re happy socks!’, he said to us and the rest of the family and actually it looked quite funny (in the positive way) when I further observed them.

A few days later, my mom came home and guess what she had brought with her? Yes, you guessed right (well I assumed you did because the answer is rather obvious), happy socks! I tried them on that same day and they actually did make me happy.


When you think of it, it’s rather strange how wearing socks can make you happy. According to me, it’s more of a lifestyle. It’s how about little things in life can brighten up your day, whether you’re wearing those colorful happy socks or you’re seeing dogs chase after cats in the streets or maybe just a sweet word from you’re boyfriend (or girlfriend, don’t want to discriminate the guys here), those things can make you feel good, they can make you happy. Well at least they can make me happy 🙂

So yes, I love wearing those ugly, but yet beautiful happy socks. They make me smile and make me happy, even if it’s for a little while (of course they don’t make you smile like an idiot for a whole day long, that wouldn’t be nice, you would get a cramp in your face).

Actually what I wanted to say to you guys is: enjoy the small things in life, welcome them with your arms wide open and let yourself feel the joy they bring to you.

I’m happy I didn’t stop blogging, it’s one of the things that make me happy.

Love you guys,


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