It’s been so long since I posted anything and I can’t tell y’all how disappointed I am in myself. I really liked this whole blogging-thing and had some ideas to start with, but when the inspiration kinda let me down, I didn’t actually try to bring it back.

So yes, I really did quit blogging, I thought that after all, it wasn’t really my thing. But gosh I’m such a weakling! I really want to give this a shot, so if you guys give me another chance, it just might work 😉

My friend Aline (she’s actually my boyfriend’s sister, but we really get along) started this beauty and lifestyle blog. I really like to read it and it did convince me to hold on and don’t give up so easily. You guys should definitely go check her out: bonfirebeautyblog.wordpress.com
I still have to study on the other hand, but everyone needs a break now and then so that shouldn’t really be a problem 🙂

For now, I’ll study along and this evening I will start posting again and let the inspiration take me over for further posts!
Byebye sleepyheads, see you tonight.
Love, Beth


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