Worldcup football

People with crazy wigs on their heads, painted fingernails and faces, adapted clothing and flags hanging outside their houses. Yes, the worldcup football has begun, also here in Belgium, where the national team has played their first match with success against Algeria. 

Personally, I don’t really give anything about the whole worldcup, but I do like that feeling of solidarity that now flows amongst people. We’re standing together as one proud country, supporting for our national team! You can see the black-yellow-red flags all over our country, but only until the worldcup has ended, because then these flags are replaced by the black-yellow flags, which represent Flanders. 

Many people here in the northern part of Belgium, want to see our country split in two. At this moment though, they are proud Belgians who love their country. Well when I think of it, I find this whole happening rather hypocrite.

People chose to be, what suits them best at the moment. I won’t say I’m any different, because I’m probably not, but it’s a weird phenomenon, don’t you think?

Well, I just enjoy those brief moments when we actually act as one country, as it should always be. And I’m happy to shout along ‘GOGOGO BELGIAN RED DEVILS!’ .



2 thoughts on “Worldcup football

  1. We have a similar situation in Canada with Quebec wanting separation. Except even when our national team is playing in a world event, the Quebecois don’t necessarily relate to it. Many separatists have already separated in their hearts.
    Go Belgium! 🙂

    • Well yes, the situation here isn’t that bad really, there are just those endless struggles between north and south and I think that’s a pity. I don’t think the split will ever really happen here 🙂 haha you’re doing a good job supporting for Belgium!

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