My first year of college

Goodmorning my beautiful sleepyheads!

When I stood up this morning, I was full of enthusiasm to go watch my blog and twitter! And well, I wasn’t dissapointed. I’ve got some new followers and I’m very excited to go on blogging! Image


I think I’ve found myself a new morning routine hehe (and I know, my feet are gorgeous, aren’t they?).

I’ve been thinking a lot about this post, about what should be in it, what I should tell y’all and mostly about how I should write it down.
Well, it’s almost summer, and who doesn’t like summer? Who isn’t craving for the feeling of those rays of sunlight on their body, whilst lying on the beach and thinking and caring about absolutely nothing?

Okay, that was my first thought, but unfortunately enough, that lovely summer-feeling is still a loooong way ahead from me, so I shall be realistic here (because someone still has to be).

Right now, I’m in the middle of my finals of my first year at the university of Leuven (one of the big university cities in Belgium). And well, let’s not lie or pretend here, my first year wasn’t a real succes. Now I hear y’all thinking ‘hehe, you party animal, you underestimated your first year of college and now you’ll hang for it, don’t you?’, well sometimes I really wish I could say that. Because that would be just stupid and maybe I could fix it next year, when I’m all wise and stuff and the partying was fun, but over for that year.

I hate to tell you guys that that wasn’t the case. When I graduated high school, I saw a beautiful world full of possibilities and let’s say I rated myself a little too high and chose a path a little too difficult. I went to study Bio engineering. I don’t know if you people have this in your country, but believe me, it’s hard. It’s full of science, actually almost only science in the first year and yes, I failed. I’ve studied really hard, but it just wasn’t for me.

There there, don’t be sad now, it isn’t that my life is ruined or anything, because I still have a dream! (Ohhh I lovvve this song Yes my dears, it is my absolute dream to become a doctor. So why didn’t I just go for it this year then? Because here in Belgium, we have some kind of stupid system. You can’t just go and start studying to be a doctor, you have to pass a test here and if you don’t pass, you just can’t start. You can participate every year twice and try for as many years as you want.

Of course, I tried the test twice last year, but also there I failed (omg I really do sound quite pathetic). Though I’m quite hopeful, because I failed rather narrowly and after a year of college, I just hope I’ll pass. So what am I doing right now? I’m only taking 2 exams of bio engineer and further, I’m studying for the exam so I can start studying medicine hopefully.

Well my dears, I guess that’s all I have to say about that! You now know me a little better, I sure hope I can get to know you too!
Keep up for more posts the next days and if you have any comments, tips or questions, don’t hesitate to email me or to comment down below, I’d really appreciate it!

Love, Beth


4 thoughts on “My first year of college

    • Haha no, my toes are rather ugly (I’m not the only one who says that), but thank you for the sweet lie 😉 Thank you very much for the motivational and kind words, I really really hope I shall succeed!

  1. Yep, schooling or education is tough. But this sure looks like you still have the spirit. And for all I know, that does really matter. I hope you make it. 🙂

    • Thank you for the kind and positive words 🙂 I’m studying so hard, trying to make it in life. Hopefully I will look back in a few years and be proud 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

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